Consultative Workshop on National Minimum Standards on Tourism and Hospitality Sector in Pakistan

October 15, 2020

    Sustainable tourism development is a priority area for the government. Pakistan is committed to opening avenues that contribute to the socioeconomic prosperity of our people, particularly the marginalized segments of the society. In addition to the sectoral consultations, the process of development included secondary research and comparative analysis of international best practices, rationalized within the social and cultural construct of Pakistan. This allowed us to prepare comprehensive set of guidelines that will reinforce principles of responsible tourism in the country.
These standards will strengthen the integrity and reliability of Pakistan as a top tourist destination. With the development of a national standard, we have harmonised different criteria and accreditations that were used to certify tourism sector service providers. These guidelines will ensure business compliance and promote accountability through third-party monitoring. Ultimately, the reputations and credibility of our tourist destinations will increase and these standards offer businesses that will in effect strive to develop and maintain excellent services in order to give visitors memorable experiences.



Tourism is a focused area of the present government. Several initiatives are being undertaken to garner the potential offered by the tourism industry. To develop and enhance coordination with provinces, federal ministries, and private actors, facilitate in the development of policies, strategies, framework, etc, to market and promote tourism potentials nationally and internationally; and capacity building for the provision of quality human resource, the Government has constituted the National Tourism Coordination Board (NTCB). NTCB is mandated to:

As a part of the strategy, the NTCB formulated following thematic working groups to develop strategies and action plans in their assigned specific areas:

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