Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation

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Syed Intikhab Alam
Managing Director

Message from the Managing Director

Impact of tourism on a country’s economy, society, communities, and prosperity cannot be underscored. Throughout the world, tourism sector has been hailed for its invaluable worth as a powerful driver of socioeconomic development. Today, countries are increasingly striving to position themselves as a preferred destination for tourists. We, at PTDC, are committed to fulfil the potential of Pakistan as the tourism’s next big venture to look forward to. Pakistan is endowed with unparalleled natural beauty, rich culture, hospitable communities, religious diversity, and distinctive culinary delights. Our vision is to share these gifts with the world in a sustainable fashion, while ensuring that our communities reap the benefits of a thriving tourism industry.

I am pleased with the progress we have made to achieve our objectives, including the formulation of the National Tourism Strategy (2020-2030) complemented by 5 years Action Plan (2020-25), which will guide the sector in the coming years. National Minimum Standards for the tourism sector is yet another accomplishment which will ensure tourist service excellence and a memorable consumer experience. We will continue to work with our provinces, partners and stakeholders for developing synergies, building capacities, strengthening public-private partnerships, investing in human capital, and promoting our unmatched tourism productsto make Pakistan one of the leading tourist destinations.


PTDC is governed by its Board of Directors. A maximum of 22 Directors can be on the Board. The Minister Incharge is the Ex-Officio Chairman and the Secretary Incharge is the Vice Chairman of the Board. Managing Director is the Chief Executive and also Principal Reporting Officer to the Board.


The Vision is to develop the tourism sector as a national priority in a sustainable and acceptable manner, taking full advantage of regional and international trends and developments so that it can significantly contribute to the improvement of quality of life in Pakistan whilst promoting the country’s cultural and natural heritage.


To create an enabling environment for Pakistan’s tourism industry by providing world-class facilities that commensurate with our rich cultural heritage, rare archaeological treasures and exquisite environmental beauty in close partnership and coordination between the public and the private sector while preserving and protecting our cultural and moral values and projecting tourist friendly image of the country.


  • Projection of Pakistan as a tourist friendly destination.
  • Marketing of Pakistan’s tourist products in tourist generating markets (at home & abroad)
  • To act as a catalyst in encouraging the private sector to play active role in tourism promotion & development.
  • Development of tourist infrastructure and services within the country
  • Promotion of Domestic tourism.

PTDC functions through its following departments and subsidiaries


1. Tourist Information Centres

PTDC is providing tourist information, facilitation and publications to tourists through its 18 Tourist Information Centres located within the country.

2. Marketing / Publicity & Promotion

  • Production of tourist literature
  • Distribution of tourist literature through TICs, PIA offices, travel agents, tour operators, hoteliers, Pakistan missions abroad etc.
  • Advertising in domestic and foreign media.
  • Participation in international conventions, fairs, exhibitions, workshops etc. independently or in conjunction with tour operators, airlines and hoteliers

3. Planning, Development & Engineering

To plan and execute tourism development projects within the country.

4. Personnel & Administration

5. Finance & Account


PTDC Motels North (Pvt.) Ltd.

PTDC Motels North (Pvt.) Ltd. was incorporated in 1977 as wholly owned subsidiary of PTDC under the repealed Companies Act 1913 (Now the Companies Ordinance, 1984) to operate motels, resorts and restaurants constructed under PSDP grants. It is governed by its Board of Directors with MD PTDC as its Chairman. PTDC Motels North (Pvt.) Ltd. has 35 motels and 4 restaurants all over Pakistan. All restaurants and 10 motels have been closed down since 2020. A strategy is in progress to lease out these properties to private sector.

PTDC Motels South (Pvt.) Ltd.

PTDC Motels South (Pvt.) Ltd. was incorporated in 1977 as wholly owned subsidiary of PTDC under the repealed Companies Act 1913 (Now the Companies Ordinance, 1984) to operate PTDC motels / resorts located in Sindh and Balochistan (Keenjhar Lake Resort, Motels at Ziarat, Khuzdar and Moenjodaro). PTDC Motels South (Pvt.) Ltd. is governed by its Board of Directors with MD PTDC as its Chairman. As per Board’s decision, the operation of its units was transferred to PTDC Motels North (Pvt.) Ltd w.e.f. 01-07-1990. Since August 1991, Keenjhar Lake Resort is being operated by Sindh Tourism Development Corporation (STDC).

Associated Hotels of Pakistan (AHP)

Associated Hotels of Pakistan Ltd. (AHP) was formed in 1961 under the repealed Companies Act 1913 (Now the Companies Ordinance, 1984) to take over running business of 04 hotels of Associated Hotels of India (AHI), namely Cecil’s (Murree), Dean’s (Peshawar), Faletti’s (Lahore) and Flashman’s (Rawalpindi).
Three (03) hotels were privatized in 1998 and 2004 leaving AHP only with Flashman’s Hotel, Rawalpindi.
PTDC owns 86.82% shares of AHP whereas 13.18% shares are with Private Shareholders. AHP has its own Board of Directors with Managing Director PTDC as its Chairman.

Pakistan Tours (Pvt.) Ltd (PTL)

The Pakistan Tours (Pvt.) Limited was incorporated as PTDC’s wholly owned subsidiary in 1977 under the repealed Companies Act 1913 (Now the Companies Ordinance, 1984). PTL has its own Board of Directors with MD PTDC as its Chairman. Under a license from the Federal Government, Pakistan Tours (Pvt.) Limited is organizing package tours and treks renting tourist transport and operating a number of domestic / international tourist bus services.