Customs Formalities and Allowances

Tourists are allowed to bring in following items without duty;
Personal clothing, hand bags travel goods and toiletries;
medals trophies or prizes;
jewelry not exceeding Rs.1000/-;
01 watch and 01 travelling clock;
spectacles and physical aid;
01 cigarette lighter and 02 fountain pens;
01 pen-knife and similar items of personal use;
01 electric iron and 01 electric shaver for men or 01 hair dryer for female tourist;
01 still camera and 10 rolls of film;
01 sub-standard cinematography camera with projector and two rolls of films;
01 pair of binoculars;
01 portable musical instrument;
01 portable sound recording apparatus;
01 portable typewriter;
01 invalid chair in use;
toys and prams for accompanying child;
games or sporting requisites including sporting fire-arms and cartridges in reasonable quantity on production of an arms license issued by Pakistani authorities;
200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 01 pound of manufactures tobacco or assortment of both not exceeding 01 pound in weight;
foodstuff including confectionery and non-alcoholic beverage not over Rs.100;
gifts and souvenirs costing not over Rs.1000/-;
01 video camera fitted with VCR or a video camera and VCR with an endorsement by Pakistan customs on the passport.