PTDC 97th BODs Meeting

May 31, 2022

The 97th meeting of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) Board of Directors was held in the head office of PTDC on May 30th. Mr. Awn Chaudhry, Special Advisor to Prime Minister/Minister of Tourism and Sports attended this meeting as special invitee. Managing Director, Aftab Rana, welcomed Mr. Awn Chaudhry and the member of board of directors of PTDC. MD PTDC informed the board members that Pakistan has made a significant improvement on the International Travel and Tourism Development Index by moving up six places as per the latest report released by the World Economic Forum (WEF). He informed that this has been possible due to the combined efforts of federal and provincial governments and private sector for the promotion and development of tourism in Pakistan. In the recent years, Pakistan has taken various steps to overall improve the condition of tourism services infrastructure, business environment, safety and security, health and hygiene, ICT readiness, and socio economic resilience and conditions. Later he briefed the board members about the progress on various ongoing projects. Members were informed about the progress on the completion of leasing of PTDC properties in GB Regions and handing over of properties to the provinces. BoD members appreciated all the efforts of PTDC team for taking up all the matter in a professional manner. MD PTDC also apprised the members of BoD about the initiative of Tourism Brand of Pakistan which is going to be launched very soon. He informed that this new tourism brand will focus on projection of Pakistan as a tourist friendly destination, bringing Pakistan amongst Top 5 tourist destinations of Asia, marketing of Pakistan’s tourist products in tourist generating markets (at local and international level), act as a catalyst in encouraging the private sector to play active role in tourism promotion & development, provide support to provinces and regions for development of tourist infrastructure and services on national level and increase investment in tourism sector to provide better facilities and develop new attractions. BoD members approved the theme of the brand and its various components. Mr. Awn Chaudhry in his closing remarks appreciated the ongoing performance of PTDC team and assured his full support for the ongoing efforts of PTDC for the promotion of tourism in Pakistan.

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Tourism is a focused area of the present government. Several initiatives are being undertaken to garner the potential offered by the tourism industry. To develop and enhance coordination with provinces, federal ministries, and private actors, facilitate in the development of policies, strategies, framework, etc, to market and promote tourism potentials nationally and internationally; and capacity building for the provision of quality human resource, the Government has constituted the National Tourism Coordination Board (NTCB). NTCB is mandated to:

As a part of the strategy, the NTCB formulated following thematic working groups to develop strategies and action plans in their assigned specific areas:

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