A disastrous heavy flood hit PTDC Motel at Bamburet, Kalash Valley on 16th July


.Chitral – July 2015:             A disastrous heavy flood hit PTDC Motel at Bamburet, Kalash Valley on 16th July at 02:00 AM completely damaging 8 rooms in PTDC Motel when the river changed its course and flowed through PTDC Motel building. The staff members, all materials including beds and mattresses etc. was timely vacated from the rooms. However, water line and electricity supply has been partially damaged. The assessment of damages has been made upto Rs. 25 million during the survey undertaken by PTDC’s engineering team.

Being the initiative of present government’s previous tenure under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif for promotion of tourism in far flung areas of Pakistan, 23 motels throughout the country were constructed under PSDP and PTDC Bamburet Motel was constructed under this development scheme.

Under this program, with an estimated cost of about Rs. 17 million were spent on PTDC Motel at Bamburet in 1997 comprising 16 rooms with allied facilities to facilitate the increasing number of visitors who come from across the world to meet and study the social and ethnic life style of Kalash people. The motel has a beautiful reception lounge and a restaurant offering continental and Pakistani dishes.  Creation of motel facility at Bamburet was a major initiative taken by PTDC as part of its programme to develop tourism infrastructure in remote areas regarded as attractive tourist destinations.

Ch. Kabir Ahmad Khan, Managing Director PTDC requested the Government of Pakistan for release of funds for restoration of this important PTDC motel located at this prime tourist destination.