Islamabad – August 3:            Managing Director, Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) Ch. Abdul Ghafoor Khan met Ukrainian Ambassador Volodymyr Lakomov in his office today to fasten the bilateral relations on tourism cooperation between the two countries. He said that the combination of snow-capped mountain ranges of Pakistan, lakes, valleys, rivers, deserts, history and culture make Pakistan the most unique tourist destination of the world, an example of which is the Skardu where one can enjoy mountains, river, forest and desert at the same time and the flight lands between the sand dunes. He told that after assuming the charge of Managing Director PTDC, I have segregated the different sectors of tourism that include Religious, Sports & Adventure and Medical Tourism etc. He informed that he visited Thailand and met their Tourism Police Chief in order to learn from their experience and launch a same force in Pakistan too.  He added that the Prime Minister’s vision for development of Pakistan as modern and prosperous country resulted into launch of CPEC project which is starting from GB. CPEC is the future of Pakistan which will create millions of jobs not only for the country but also for the region by playing a pivotal role in launching these billions of dollars economic activities for Pakistan. In past tourism was a neglected sector but the present Government is committed to develop Pakistan into an International Hub for business and tourism setting an example for rest of the world. We are presently focusing on Gilgit Baltistan and soon a Ski resort will be developed at Nalter Valley in addition to a 5-star hotel at Gilgit by the River. We are offering our 25 acres of land at Islamabad for development of a tourist resort as well as PTDC ongoing projects are also available for joint ventures.

Ch. Ghafoor said that tourism is the only industry through which we can spread message of peace in the country and counter the terrorism. There are lot more common tourism features between Pakistan and Ukraine which include Adventure Sports and mountaineering which can be jointly publicized and benefits can be reaped.

The Ambassador said that he has visited a numerous places in Pakistan and found that there is a huge tourism potential which requires proper publicity. He told that he has visited Gilgit-Baltistan, Lahore and Moenjodaro. Ukraine has a number of ski resorts where a large number of adventure tourists participate in annual ski tournaments. Pakistan also needs to develop ski resort. He told that last year, a number of tourists from Ukraine visited Pakistan for participating in Skiing Tournament at Nalter. He said that he is fond of Qasuri Fenugreek (Maithi) and likes Pakistani cuisine very much. He appreciated the role of Pakistani Ambassador in Ukrain Mr. Athar Abbas for promoting Pakistan tourism in Ukraine and said that most of Ukrainian Embassy Staff in Islamabad is recently posted and they are willing to visit different tourist places in Pakistan. Managing Director said that we invite them to visit Swat Valley, Ayubia and Nathia Gali. MD also presented him a copy of PTDC newly published Amazing Pakistan Magazine which was very much appreciated by the ambassador.