Message from the Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Muhammad Nawaz Sharif






I am glad to know that the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation has accomplished to launch this national website on tourism, which has been a key ingredient of the tourism development strategy of nations that have accelerated their growth in recent times. I am apprised of the fact it is formulated through extensive rounds of consultations with a team of experts in this specific fields. The contribution from people across the country and various organizations are incorporated into this portal to make it a reflection of national aspirations. I appreciate the quality of the themes chosen for website.

Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage and diverse topography provides huge potential to promote tourism. Preservation, development, and effective advertising of heritage sites will be undertaken to attract tourists. High quality tourism education and training centres will be set up to provide specialized personnel to the tourism industry. The capacity of foreign missions to promote tourism will be strengthened by equipping them adequately with trainings, materials, and information. National Tourism Board will be established with 50% representation from the private sector. Sports and cultural shows in different parts of the country will promote domestic tourism. Efforts will be taken to improve Pakistan’s international image. In this regard, Pakistani consulates can serve in promoting Pakistan as a tourist destination abroad. In addition, the entertainment industry and Pakistani cuisine will be promoted, generating further employment opportunities for the youth and will promote the country’s soft image abroad.