Pishin Valley And Bund Khushdil Khan

Some 50 kms from Quetta is the valley of Pishin with its numerous fruit orchards, which are irrigated by "Karez", a kind of artificial spring made by boring holes into rocks to bring to the surface the subterranean water. Sixteen kms from Pishin is the man-made lake Bund Khushdil Khan. Its cool gentle waters attract many visitors for duck shooting in early winter.

 Pir Ghaib
At a distance of 70 kms from Quetta on Sibi Road is situated a popular picnic spot known as Pir Ghaib. Here a waterfall cascades down rocky mountainside making its way through many streams and ponds among the shady palm trees. You need a 4-wheel-drive vehicle to reach the spot from the main road.