Lahore-Delhi Bus Service (LDBS)

The Service is operated from Lahore terminal 66-D-1, Gulberg III, near market Lahore. For journey to Delhi, there is a PTDC Bus every Monday, Wednesday & Friday and DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) Bus every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. As regards the return trip to Lahore, the PTDC Bus leaves Delhi every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday whereas the DTC Bus can be had from there on every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Important Details

1. Necessary Travel Documents: 
Passengers are required to have valid Passport and Visa for undertaking the journey.

2. Booking Office for Tickets:
Lahore Bus Terminal 66-D-1, Gulberg III, near liberty market Lahore
Phone: 042-35755940, 042-35875360. Fax: 042-35760062

3. Fare:

Adults (12 Years & above) From Pakistan Side

Pak Rs. 4,000/-

Adults (12 Years & above) From Indian Side Indian Rs. 2,400
Above 2 years but below 12 years (Pakistan Side) Pak Rs. 2,500

Above 2 years but below 12 years (Indian Side)

Indian Rs. 1,500/-

Up to 2 years (No entitlement of seat)


(Fare is inclusive of complementary breakfast, lunch & evening tea provided at designated halts in transit).

4. Advance Booking -
Up to 60 days in advance of the date of journey, after producing the original and photocopies of these documents.

5. Refund Towards Cancellation:

Cancellation in less than 24 Hrs. of Scheduled Departure

No Refund

Cancellation between 24 Hrs. and less then 72 Hrs. before Scheduled Departure.

50% refund

Cancellation more then 72 Hrs. before the Scheduled Departure.

75% refund

6.  Duplicate Ticket: 
In case the loss of ticket is reported by a passenger before commencing journey against a Police Report (NCR), fresh ticket is issued to him as 'Duplicate Ticket' against payment of administrative charges of 25% of actual fare, subject to verification of identity of passenger.

7.  Baggage: 
Maximum of 29" long suitcase with a perimeter of 60" weighing up to 20 kg. is permissible along with one shoulder bag. Free luggage will not be allowed to children below 12 years except a handbag of reasonable size. Excess Baggage allowed up to 20 kg. on payment @  in Pakistani Currency Rs. 100/- per kg or Indian Rs.60/- per kg..

8.  Guidelines for Packaging:
No valuables such as cash, jewellery, cameras, negotiable papers or business documents should be placed in checked-in-luggage.

9.  Restricted Luggage:
Hazardous articles (prohibited by law) are not allowed such as acids, matches, fluids, poisons, inflammables, explosives or compressed gas.

10.   Cabin Baggage:
One small handbag is allowed to be kept in the bus cabin.

11.  Liability:
Baggage and passenger liability is limited by Law/Convention under the jurisdiction of Govt. of Pakistan / India Laws

12.  Check-in Two Hours Before Scheduled Departure:
The passengers are requested/advised to report at the Terminal at least two hours before the scheduled departure of the bus.  Reservation will be cancelled if the passenger fails to report for check-in well in time.

13.  Departure Time:

Lahore (66, Gulberg - III)

6:00 AM PST

Delhi (Dr. Ambedkar Terminal,   Delhi  Gate)

6:00 AM IST

14.  Complimentary Light Refreshment & Food:
The Breakfast at PTDC Motel Wagha , Lunch at Magnolia Tourist Complex,  Floating restaurant Sirhind will be served to the passengers of the bus leaving  Lahore for Delhi. The evening tea will be served at Tourist Resort Pipli (Haryana) .For the return bus, the first halt would be at tourist resort pipli for breakfast, lunch at  Kartarpur and tea at PTDC motel wagha.

15.  Halts:
There are four halts allowed between Lahore and Delhi.

    a) PTDC Motel Wagha

Distance between Lahore to wagha

32 kms

Running time

35 Minutes

Halt duration

15 Minutes

    b)     Bougan-Villea Tourist Complex, kartarpur

Distance between Wagha to Kartarpur

68 Kms.

Running time

1  Hours

Halt duration

10 Minutes

    c)     Magnolia Tourist Complex, Sirhind (Punjab):

Distance Between Kartarpur to Sirhind

144 Kms.

Running time

3 Hours

Halt duration

30 Minutes

 d)     Tourist Resort Pipli (Haryana)

Distance Between Sirhind to Pipli

103 Kms.

Running time

2 Hours

Halt duration

15 Minutes

e)     Pipli to Delhi Terminal

Distance Between Pipli to Ambedkar terminal Delhi

165 Kms.

Running time

2    Hours

Passengers traveling between Lahore & Delhi  would not be allowed to disembark/embark enroute except at the halts indicated above. The passengers are requested to cooperate with the bus crew/security staff at the halts to avoid any inconvenience.

16.  Non-Consumption of Personal Food in the Bus:
The passengers will not be allowed personal eatables during the journey except for the items provided by the  PTDC and  DTC

17.  Provision of Space for Prayers at the Halts:
Proper place has been earmarked at Kartarpur ,Sirhind and Pipli for the passengers desiring to perform prayers during the journey.

18.  Violation of Law:
It is brought to the notice of the passengers that those who violate the law will be dealt with as per the law of the land.