I, as a Managing Director, PTDC, have filed a petition in the Islamabad High Court for setting aside portion of letter dated 5th April, 2011 issued by Cabinet Division regarding devolution/winding up of PTDC, as after decision of Restructuring Committee on Cabinet on proposal submitted to it by the Cabinet Division regarding PTDC, there was no option except to file a petition in the court.        



We went  to court of law to get 25 acres piece of land restored  which was cancelled by  CDA  in the year 2013.  We hope for a favourable decision.



On our appeal the Supreme Court of Pakistan has suspended the impugned order passed by Supreme Appellate Court, Gistit-Baltistan, Skardu Registry, with regard to Sadpara Motel.  The case is being perused with Director General Scouts, Gilgit Baltistan and Ministry of  Interior for obtaining possession of the Motel in compliance with the orders of the honourable court.



Case regarding handing over possession of PTDC Motel, Bahawalpur, has been forwarded to Secretary Cabinet for arbitration by the Court.



The lease period of PTDC Motels at Miandam and Kalam  was  going to expire on 1st July, 2017.  Therefore, requests/letters were sent to   Chief Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Commissioner Malakand for renewal of  lease of the Motels in question, but no response was received from them.  Therefore, on 19th June, 2017 a petition was filed in the Civil  Court  for stay which is pending in  the Court.



13½ kanal piece of land meant for head office building have been cleared from undesirable growth for construction of plaza on it on joint venture basis.



On 20-6-2017 ,  Culture, Tourism & Antiquities Department, Government of Sindh, and Sindh Tourism Development Corporation tried to take over possession of PTDC Motel at Hawksbay, TIC at Clifton and PTDC Motel at Moenjodaro  because of 18th Constitutional Amendment.    They were provided copy of stay orders passed by Division Bench, Islamabad High Court, Islamabad, and advised them to comply with the orders. 


We are also going to sign MoUs with Airlines like  PIA, Turkish Airline, Thai  for promotion of tourism in the country.



A magazine titled  “Amazing Pakistan” has been published to highlight tourism activities of Pakistan in general and apprise Diplomatic Missions, Tour Operators Association, Provincial Tourism Departments, Airlines and other stakeholders of PTDC’s initiatives taken for promotion of tourism  in particular. This magazine has been designed by me.



A bogey of “Christmas Train” was got reserved for PTDC to promote tourism in the country on the occasion of Christmas.  This train was run from Peshawar to Karachi. The Ministry of Railways   had demanded Rs.2 million for it.  However, due to my efforts,   this was done free of cost.  Decoration work of the bogey was also done by a friend of mine.  



Secretary General UNWTO with his family may visit Pakistan this year.  We are also trying to have Conference on Tourism under the auspices of   UNWTO where delegates from more than 150 countries are expected to attend it.  This will be an achievement which will help promote soft image of Pakistan in the world.


On 23rd March, 2017, flag hoisting ceremonies were held in all Motels of PTDC and Hotel to highlight the importance of the day as well as tourism. Distemper of all Motels is under way.  Besides, Linen napery, bed-sheets of all Motels are being changed.  Picture of Quaid-e-Azam is also placed at the receptions of all Motels and flag of Pakistan is hoisted.



Multi-national companies are also being approached to get PTDC Motels and other sites up gradated/beautified. We have also proposal to have prefabricated houses erected on the existing sites of PTDC and the lands to be acquired on lease on joint venture/BOT basis.



For beautification/branding of PTDC Motels, interested parties have been invited to get the work done on sponsorship basis.



We also constitute Vigilance/Monitoring Committees to improve performance of the departments.  We also intend to install cameras for the purpose.



We have directed motel management to provide uniform prepared on the pattern of  the area---to staff to promote culture of the area.



We are also working to have other hotels on our panel.  Besides, online booking facility is also being introduced so that all tourists may avail this facility.



We have a plan for establishment/installation of tent accommodation of about 300 tents at existing facilities of PTDC Motels  within one month.



We want to make prefabricated resorts besides tent village.  In this connection, We had a meeting with Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Chief Secretary, Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and Secretary, Information Technology and Tourism Department, Muzaffarabad Mr. Siddiqul Farooq, Chairman, Evacue Trust, and Hafiz Hafeezur Rehman, Chief Minister, Gilgit-Baltistan to get land on lease. Chief Minister, Gilgit-Baltistan has also been requested to allot land on lease to PTDC at Shigar  and other touristic places for the purpose.



Private sector has also been invited to work on joint venture/BOT basis in the field of tourism, for which some investors have approached from outside and within the country.  As soon as land is made available, construction work will be started.  It does not take more than 3 months to complete the site.  We will have to start it on PPP basis.



I have talked to Secretary Tourism Punjab and Minister, Government of Sindh.  The Minister of Government of Sindh has offered to give land on lease to PTDC at Sadho Baila, which is a sacred place of  the Hindus,  for promotion of tourism and Gorakh Hill Station for joint venture for promotion of tourism. We have planned to make a spot for tourism at our own land at Sukkur.



Foreign Ambassadors have been visiting PTDC Head Office.  Therefore, we have done upgradation work of Conference Room and office of Managing Director to make it presentable.



I have been working on honorary basis.  I did not receive any TA/DA  in connection with my visit to Turkey, Spain and Thailand which were taken/ made on  24th to 28th November,  2016, 16th to 24th January, 2017 and 1st to 7th March respectively.  The visits of Turkey and Thailand were sponsored by the respective countries, while expenditure of half a million rupees on my visit to Spain was born by me. 



We have declared Chakwal as Model District for Tourism.  To bring awareness among people about Model District for Tourism, PTDC in collaboration with Chakwal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, organized a “Conference on Tourism and Business Development” on 8 April, 2017 at Chakwal.



We want to launch City Tour of Islamabad in the first week of August 2017 which was scheduled on 20th July, 2017 but could not take place  due to some reasons.  Honourable Board Members, Ambassadors, heads of Tourism Departments, stakeholders and other VIPs will be invited to its inaugural ceremony.



We are also planning to launching a Tourism Channel under public private partnership basis.



To interact with the diplomatic community for promotion of tourism in the country, meetings with the Ambassadors of Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Germany, Belarus, Nepal, Uzbekistan and 1st Secretary of Korea, France and   2nd Secretary of Japan Embassy were held.



I had a meeting with Director General Aviation on 28th February, 2017 to share initiatives taken for promotion of tourism in the country.  They assured to cooperate.



I also visited the office of Director General FWO on 14th March, 2017 to have meeting with him for sharing initiatives.  They appreciated the efforts made by PTDC for promotion of tourism.



Col Aza Dar Rizvi of NLC has also assured to offer Helicopter service for promotion of Tourism.



Haifz Muhammad Nawaz Shuja, Shuja Royal Limo Services, is also willing to sign MoU for provision of vehicles.  They may provide Helicopters in case of emergency.



I have divided tourism sector into Religious, Eco, Agri,  Sports, Culture and Medical tourism, so that they may be paid equal attention.



Many holy places of the followers of Hindu, Sikh and Budha religions are available in Pakistan.  “Amrat” the sacred water of Sikhs is available at Panja Sahib in Hasan Abdal.  We may earn foreign exchange by exporting it.



Religious Tourism is that tourism that continues under any circumstances.  I give it top priority. We are also approaching different countries for the promotion of Religious Tourism.  Uzbekistan and Iran are ready to sign the MoUs on the subject.



We will be convening a Conference on Tourism in Convention Centre, Islamabad, where Honourable Prime Minister will deliver/present his Vision-2020 as a chief guest.  This Conference will be attend by VVIPs like Governor, Chief Ministers, Ministers, MNAs, MPAs, tour operators and diplomats.



We have a plan to start a beautiful ligt show on the pattern of Dubai light show  from Islamabad which will be the first of its kind in Pakistan which will be got sponsored.



We will give Domestic Tourism top priority.  Besides, we will focus on overseas Pakistanis and foreign tourists.  Visa policy for foreign tourists is required to be reviewed.



We have been appointing Focal Persons in big cities of Pakistan and Coordinators for Tourism in all tourism generating countries to increase tourist influx to Pakistan, who will work as a bridge between tourism departments and tourists.



We intend to get hoardings installed at prominent places of all important big cities attributed with their to highlighting their attribution like Islamabad the Beautiful Capital of the world, Faisalabad the Industrial city.


We also have a plan to get a Fountain built at Islamabad to be decorated with cultural monument/sculpture of celebrities like Heer Ranjah, for the entertainment of people, as soon as the land is made available for the purpose.



We also have a plan to get the Tram run in Islamabad initially at Constitutional Avenue and Margalla Road.



We are also working to have  promo and short duration documentary film prepared for promotion of tourism.  Every channel would be bound to relay it.



We have requested the Railways authorities to provide place(s) for installation of LCDs at their stations to relay documentaries on tourism. We have also requested  the  Civil Aviation  to provide place at all airports  to set up Tourism Information Desks.



We are also going to sign MoUs with the Punjab University , Comsats, Superior, requesting them to introduce Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality   to teach the subject of Tourism in B.S. Degree Programme. We are also meeting with Associations of Private Schools to involve them in promotion of tourism throughout Pakistan. To promote outdoor education.



We want to make a Think Tank comprising Professors of Universities to give proposals concerning tourism which will be implemented.  List of proposed Think Tank is enclosed.



We need funds amounting to Rs.390 million to make functional the incomplete projects and to upgrade hotel and motels, for which summary was sent to Cabinet Division.  Detail of the projects is enclosed.



Vega a Saudi based company is ready to invest Rs.1 billion in tourism sector.  They have given presentation to PTDC on 4th Jan and 14th March, 2017.  Many other investors/departments are ready for investment.



I have talked to Presidents of Chambers of Commerce for investment.  We will prefer Pakistani investors. During my visit to Thailand from 1st to 7th March, 2017, I had held meeting with Thailand Tourism Authority, Tourist Police Division and officials of Thai Airlines for promotion of tourism in Pakistan.  This will help promote tourism especially religious tourism in the country.



The work regarding preparation of draft National Tourism Policy is under consideration. We intend to call a meeting of Tourism Ministers of all provinces for formulation of tourism policy.



We also want to get a Restaurant of unique kind constructed on Motorway.



We want to run cruise in Rawal Dam.



We want to set up Tourism Promotion Centres in place of Tourist Information Centres.



We will start winter tourism next year.



                 Ch Abdul Ghafoor Khan
                 Managing Director PTDC