General Information

Almost all the places in the Northern Areas are linked by telephone with the rest of the country and the outside world. Some of the area codes are; Gilgit (05811), Hunza (05821), Sost (05823), Skardu (05831), Saidu Sharif (0946), Chitral (0943), Besham (0997), Kalam (0946), Bamburet (0943), Khaplu (05832). A number of public call offices (PCOs) are located in the Northern Area. Both the Post Office and the Special Communications Organization maintain networks of telephone and wireless system.

In the northern areas, please don't photograph military installations, major bridges and airports. Taking photographs of women is also prohibited should be with their prior permision. Please do not travel at night on mountain roads and do not swim in the rivers up north or other fast flowing mountain streams.