Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif Minister For Tourism

Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif


LLB (Honors) University of Buckingham U.K 1991. Barrister-at-Law Lincoln's Inn London U.K 1992 LL.M (Human Rights Law) University of Essex U.K 1993 LL.M (International Law) University of London U.K 1995 Certificate in Human Rights Law International] Institute of Human Rights, Strasbourg France 1995

Certificate in the University Teaching of Human Rights Law International institute of Human Rights, Strasbourg France 1996 Diploma in International & Comparative Law of Human Rights International Institute of Human Rights,Strasbourg France 1996 M.A (Political Science) University of Peshawar,Pakistan 1995 M.A (Philosophy) University of Peshawar,Pakistan 1997

Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology Law, International Islamic University Islamabad Pakistan, 2004


Advocate & Legal Consultant, High Court and Federal Shariat Court,since 1993. Legal Advisor I Consultant, National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), Government of Pakistan. June 1998-June 2001.

Additional Deputy Prosecutor Central/Special Prosecutor, National Accountability Bureau, Government of Pakistan December 1999 - March2002. Special Prosecutor/Legal Advisor, Special Investigation Cell, Anti Narcotics Force, Pakistan.(December 2001-December 2005).

Legal Counsel Government of NWFP, federal Shariat Court, Islamabad. Legal Advisor, Rabbroz Arzneimittel, Peshawar. Legal Counsel,Pakistan Agricultural Research Council Government of Pakistan. Legal AdvisorWorld Council of Religions, Oslo - Norway / Islamabad - Pakistan . Legal Counsel,National Bank of Pakistan. Legal Counsel, Zarai Taraqiati Bank of Pakistan. Legal AdvisGi, AlsonPharmaceutical, Peshawar.


1.Consultant NORAD (Government of Norway) and the Government of Pakistan for the preparation of PC-1 for "Human Rights Mass Awareness and Education" Project. Oct 1997-Jan 1998

2."External Collaborator** for the International Labour Organization, Pakistan January -March 1999. Conducted studies ajid prepared two reports.

(i) Human Rights International System-Study of the National Situation.

(ii) Human Rights and Institutional Building-Study of the National Situati

3.Consultant NORAD for study/report on "Human Rights and Islam" (1999-2000), The report addressed principles of Islam and comparative status of human rights instruments in the context of Muslim countries

4.Consultant on Human Rights and Social Development,Community Development Organization, Peshawar

5.Consultant SDC (Swiss Development Cooperation) for Human Rights Sector Evaluation in Pakistan. August 2002 Worked as consultant on conducting a survey and to evaluate the performance of SDC projects / activities in the human rights sector in Pakistan, August 2002

6.Consultant SDC on formulation of Human Rights Strategy for Pakistan. Acted as consultant for the preparation of SDCs Human Rights Strategy for Pakistan. January 15-March 31, 2003

7.Consultant NORAD (Government of Norway) for conducting a mapping exercise of development projects in human rights, governance and demoralization sector in Pakistan. April-May 2003, The exercise involved the present status of programmes funded by bilateral and multilateral donors in the subject areas in collaboration with the Government of Pakistan, their impact and suggestions and recommendations for NORAD's future Plan of Action.

8.Consultant, Overseas Development Institute, London-UK, for the evaluation of the impact of" SDC's guidelines on Human Rights and the Rule of Law in the human rights and governance sector in Pakistan. July-August, 2003. The study involved a thorough analysis of the significance and impact of SDC's guidelines in relation to its programmes in Pakistan.

9.Evaluator / Technical Expert for European Union's projects on Human Rights & Rule of Law in the CIS States in collaboration with Project Procurement International, Islamabad, The assignment involved analysis of the reports / project proposals submitted by NGOs and Public / Private sector organizations involved in trie human rights and democratization related activities in the states of Tajikistan, Kyrgzystan and Uzbekistan for grant of EL) funded grants. I was responsible for analysis of the proposals and recommendations to the U, Sept-November 2003,

10.Legal and Judicial Reforms Evaluation Specialist for the evaluation of Access to Justice Programme of the Asian Development Bank and Government oF PAKISTAN. He was responsible for studying the impact of reforms in relation to Access to Justice Programme of the Asian Development Bank, This included the study of the existing Legal and Judicial infrastructure in Pakistan with a detailed critique of the laws and procedures and formulation of strategy for the establishment of Independent Prosecution Service in Pakistan.

11.Legal Reform Specialist/Local Consultant, Access to Justice Programme, Asian Development Bank, Pakistan Resident Mission, The Job description includes overall supervisions and monitoring of the reforms in the legal and judicial sector under the Access to Justice Programme in Pakistan. (Since March 2004)

12.Backstopptng Specialist for the Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan on Institutional Strengthening for Human Rights Treaty Reporting for the Government of Tajikistan ( May 2004) My mandate includes interaction with SCO, Government of Tajikistan, National Human Rights Commission of Tajikistan and civil society organizations on Human Rights Treaty Reporting and providing consultation and input in the process.

13.Consultant UNDP ou Access to Justice and Alternate Dispute Resolution Mechanism for Pakistan Project (June 2004) He conducted research on the status of Alternate Dispute Resolution mechanisms and Legal Aid system in Pakistan and designed a nationwide project on ADR and Legal Aid.

14.Consultant/Legal Counsel to UNDP/Devolution Trust for Community Empowerment (DICE), Islamabad In addition to advice on general legal matters, He was responsible for designing schemes for Provincial Associations of Local Bodies, capacity building of CBOs and partnership programme for Police - Union Councils

15.Consultant UNDP on Access to Justice Program for Pakistan (May-December 2005) This project aims at developing a legal aid arid c-justice scheme to improve access to legal services.

16.Consultant UNlCEF Consultant on drafting of draft on law Child Protection He has been involved in the project to draft a law on child protection in accordance with the Convention of Rights of Child by the Ministry of Social Welfare Government of Pakistan and UNCEIP Pakistan,

17.Consultant United Nations, Pakistan (UN Resident Coordinator's Offic on Human Rights. He has been involved in conducting a mapping study of human rights initiatives of the UN and its specialized agencies in Pakistan with a view to propose strategy for future. 18.Member Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

19.Member and Consultant, Coalition Against Child Labour, (CACL) District Peshawar.

20.Member Experts' Committee of Human Rights MA. degree programme. He was a member of the Experts' Committee mandated to develop curriculum for MA in Human Rights degree programme of the Peshawar University, He has developed a module on Philosophy of Human Rights for the MA degree curriculum.

21. Member, SUR Network on Human Rights for South America, Sao Paulo, Brazil,

22. Member-Panel of Experts of Fourth Intergovernmental Working Group on formulation of guideline on Racism and the Internet, (January 2006) Participated in workshop at the UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights at Geneva, Switzerland and contributed in the drafting of guidelines,

23. Member Experts' Committee of Human Rights MA degree programme, University of Peshawar, Pakistan since 1999.

24. Advisor, Ministry of Women Development and Youth Affairs, Government of Pakistan. He was appointed as Advisor to the two ministries by the prime Minister of Pakistan in August 2006,responsible for interacting with the Federal Minister and the cabinet on matters relating to gender and youth. and oversee all the gender and human rights related assignments and programmes of the Ministry.


1.Visiting Fellow in Medical Jurisprudence and Constitutional Law (LL.B Degree Programme) at the Faculty of Law, University of Peshawar,1994 - 1998.

2.Lecturer; Human Rights Law (LL.M DegreeProgramme) Faculty of Law, University of Peshawar. 1997-98.

3.Visiting Lecturer, Frontier Law College, Peshawar, 1994-1998.

4.Visiting Fellow in International Law, Foreign Service Academy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad, since 1996.

5. Lecturer in English Legal System, Accountancy College, Islamabad, since 1997.

6.Lecturer, University College Islamabad, (LL.B (Honors)Degree Programme of the University of London) since 1997.

7.Visiting Fellow in International Human Rights Law, LL.M degree programme, International Islamic University, Islamabad.

8.Visiting Lecturer in Private International Law, LL.M (Corporate Law) degree programme (2005) at the Faculty of Law and Sharia International Islamic University, Islamabad.

9.Visiting Lecturer in Criminal Procedure Code, LL.B degree programme (2005) at the Faculty of Law and Sharia, International Islamic University, Islamabad.

10. Visiting Lecturer in Environmental Law, LL.M degree programme (2005) at the Faculty of Law and Sharia, (Women Section)International Islamic University, Islamabad.

11. Visiting Lecturer In International Law of Human Rights, LL.M degree programme (20056) at the Faculty of Law and Sharia, (Women Section) International Islamic University, Islamabad.

12. Visiting Lecturer in Environmental Law, LL.M degree programme (2006-7) at the Faculty of Law and Sharia, (Women Section) International Islamic University, Islamabad.

13.Visiting lecturer, Anti Narcotics Force LawEnforcement School Rawalpindi, Pakistan.


1 Author of "CountryReport on Pakistan" in theFreedom of Religion and Belief A World report(A Rutledge publication, UK)

2 Article on Afghanistan in daily TheNews Islamabad, in 2001.

3 Member,Advisory Editorial Board, InternationalHuman Rights Perspective, a publication of the Human Rights Center, Faculty of Law, Peshawar University.


1 Fluent in Pashto, Urdu and English

Attended courses in the following languages.

2 Arabic: University of Buckingham, UK (1990-1091)

3 German: University of Buckingham, UK (1990-1991) Pakistan Institute of Modern Languages, Islamabad (May-August2001)

4. Russian: Area Study Center, University of Peshawar, (1995-1996)